the Charlie French Set Medic World 

Letter of Recommendation


Paramount Pictures


December 30, 1996

Charlie French
4712 Lakewood Drive
Metairie, La 70002


Dear Charlie:

Are you that good at your job because you are not a Hollywood set medic, or despite it? No matter, you are simply the best I have worked with - anywhere, any time.

Charlie, your tireless dedication, dependability and good cheer, directed from highest to lowest, made a significant difference to the filming of "Orleans."

I will be honored to act as reference for any future endeavors in any capacity.

Once again, "Orleans" thanks you.


Andrew Stone, UPM

CC:  Louisiana State Film Commission
        New Orlans Film Commission



1700 JOSEPHINE ST, 2nd Floor NEW ORLEANS, LA 70113 (504) 586-0599 (504) 586-8795 FAX

With all due respects to my California colleagues, perhaps Mr. Stone exaggerates when he compares me to "Hollywood medics." 


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